The Horrific History of Buckout Road

Published in July 2021, this 278 page paperback details the eerie history of Buckout Road and the surrounding area. Buckout Road, which connects Harrison to White Plains in suburban New York City has been the center of myth, lore, and nightmares. Scary tales of executed witches, a clan of cannibal albinos, the rumored residence of serial killer Albert Fish, and various ghost sightings have circulated for generations.

The urban legends are spooky, though perhaps not as scary as the area's true history, including murders, grave robbing, Revolutionary War skirmishes, the rise of a freed slave community, and the origin of the real Headless Horseman. Soak in the area's offbeat history including the birth of the American circus, pro wrestling, and more. Longer than New York's Scariest Street, this book dives deep intp the history on and around Buckout Road.

$15 paperback. $10 E-Book.