Back in the mid 90s before the internet , when the phrase "cut
and paste" meant scissors and tape, Eric Pleska wrote and
distributed his own independent magazine.  From 1995 until
2003 the monthly New York Hardcore / punk rock based
fanzine featured interviews with bands and celebrities in
addition to show reviews, album reviews, monthly columns,
articles, and advertisements.  

Staples included the monthly "Verbal Diarrhea" column which
was essentially a blog before blogs and articles venturing out
of the scope of the music world and into the realm of
conspiracy theories and the paranormal.  A true mish mosh of
material.  The publication was dubbed
Taking Another
Perspective On Usual Topics
, abbreviated TAPOUT.

The advertisements which eventually spawned into a dozen
or so outside ads per month originated with Pleska's
Card Mania
ads (for his teen years mail order baseball card
business).Prior to
TAPOUT, Pleska printed photocopied
typewritten monthly mail order catalogs for his comics and
trading cards cards starting in 1992.
The last issue of TAPOUT Zine from October
2003.  Featured interviews with Dan Severn,
Sage Francis, Madball, Cage, Ron Waterman,
Sworn Enemy, Necro, and more.
Nearly 500 interviews were conducted for TAPOUT
over the years including:

Joey Ramone, Iggy Pop, Ian MacKaye, Bad Brains, Green
Day, NOFX, Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law, Bouncing Souls,
KMFDM, Korn, H2O, Silverstein, Crown Of Thornz,
Bill Wyman (ex Rolling Stones), Dashboard Confessional.
D Generation, Marla Sokoloff, Debbie Gibson,
Pat Mastroianni, and many more.

A recurring paranormal topic within the zine pertained to
Buckout Road. The interest in the alleged haunted street
of Westchester County, New York lead to Pleska
launching a website fully dedicated to Buckout Road and
years later writing a book on the subject. Both would
serve as basis for a Buckout Road film which was filmed
in 20017 and stars Danny Glover.
Disconnect The Dots
While in high school circa 1994 an aged 14 Eric Pleska
began managing local bands and hip hop artists,
getting them booked at local gigs and school dances.  
One act Eric put together was called Sub Level 3. After
the band consisting of Dan The G.O.T., Kojima, and Lice
booted drummer Ed Massena from the group, Eric and
Ed formed their own punk band called 43 Bob.

Eric Pleska launched a 30 minute recurring cable
access program with
43 Bob high school punk band
mate Ed in 1995 called
Disconnect The Dots.  The
show aired once a month on Friday nights at 8pm
through 1998 in White Plains, NY.

The show hosted by Eric and Ed (whom dressed as
a grim reaper character in sunglasses named
Juansico) was a music based program. Each
episode featured  a local musical artist performing
in studio followed by an interview, comedic skits,
and random shenanigans.  Additionally each episode
would include a music video from Ed & Eric's band
43 Bob which they produced themselves. It was
essentially a bootleg version of 80s pitchman Crazy
Eddie hosting The Ed Sullivan show run by two high
school kids;  a cable access circus.
Disconnect The Dots live studio audience