Between the years 2003 and 2008, Eric Pleska booked & ran
several hundred  live music events in NY and NJ.

Majority of the events featured a show host which was
uncommon for many genres beyond underground hip hop.
The host would often be someone completely out of left field,
like a hip hop DJ hosting a punk show or a pro wrestler
hosting a hip hop event.  The venues also varied and often did
not at all fit with the theme of the venue.   There was a Grateful
Dead themed bar in New Jersey where Eric booked New York
Hardcore bands. A gothic club in Manhattan called Wild Spirits
where twice a week he booked live hip hop for two years
straight.  An upscale Irish bar/restaurant in White Plains, NY
called Vintage which featured an array of metal and hip hop
acts. Restaurants in New Rochelle and a shopping mall in
Nyack NY which became mainstay spots for hip hop shows.  
One hip hop event at NYC's Bar 169 featured rappers ILL Bill,
Royal Flush, and Mic Geronimo with an after party featuring
Skarhead's Danny Diabalo deejaying.  

In spite of the often purposefully wacky booking, the things in
common however with these events were they were fun, safe,  
and often packed to capacity.

There was a total of two dozen or so venues where Tapout
Promotions ran events however the mainstay spot became a
small 250 capacity bar on Manhattan's upper east side called
The Underscore.  There Eric would run events often 3x a week.

Some performers at The Underscore  included Pearl Jam's
Eddie Vedder, Dramarama, Immortal Technique, members of
Wu Tang, Melanie Iglesias, Marc Rizzo, Madelin Zero, Trophy
Scars,25 Ta Life, American Idol contestants, American Idol
rejects,Kosha Dillz, Poison Pen, Pumpkinhead, Born Talent,
C-Rayz Walz, Anybody Killa, David Poe, and many, many more.

An October 2006 article of
The Aquarian wrote:

"Eric Tapout is an unusual entertainment promoter whose
back door approach features either first time performers or
unlikely combinations of talent.  Perhaps the 21st century's
equivalent to Ed Sullivan, Eric fills his roster with incomparable
diversity, thereby shattering any threat of categorization or the
perils of elitism. Everyone is encouraged to retain their
individuality within the context of each event."
Eddie Vedder & Eric - circa 2006
Tapout Promotions first annual 2 floor Halloween event in NYC.  
Featured former Misfits singer Michale Graves' cd release party,
Spin Doctors singer Chris Barron, hip hop legend Dana Dane,
NYHC band Subzero, and many more including appearances by
various pro wrestlers and horror movie stars. Hosted by Marilyn
Manson founding member Gidget Gein.
The first Ghouls Night Out event which featured a dozen or so
indy wrestlers including Claudio Castagnoli (WWE's Cesaro),
Austin Aries, Talia Madison (Velvet Sky), and others would lead
to Eric opening an independent wrestling promotion the
following year, which featured live music on its early events.