Eric Pleska's new paperback book 101
is now available for just $9.99 !
"Growing up I loved
reading about extinct
animals, however I could
never find an easy to
read book that meshed
dinosaurs, prehistoric
mammals, birds, and
reptiles all together; so I
wrote one" -
      Eric Pleska
The Author
From ancient creatures that roamed the
world over 600 million years ago to
ferocious beasts that far more recently
went extinct, together we countdown the
most 101 frightening monsters to ever live
on our planet.

Dinosaurs, giant wildcats, huge reptiles,
prehistoric birds, scary sharks, and lots of
surprises! All of them are real. Which will be
the scariest extinct monster of all time?

Easy to read book crammed
with facts and pictures!
A modern ocean dwelling apex predator with razor
sharp teeth would be no match for the 40 foot long
monster scientists have proclaimed as the most
powerful reptile ever disovered. Known as Pliosaurus
Funkei, this beast devoured sharks as snacks
appoximately 150 million years ago in the waters
around Europe and South America. With a bite 4 times
stronger than a T-Rex, this extnict monster has earned
the nickname PREDATOR X!
4 times larger than a great white
shark, scientists believe
MEGALODON had the most
powerful bite of any animal ever!
Meet HATZEGOPTERYX; a 600 pound behemoth taller
than an adult giraffe with a huge jaw wide enough to
swallow a human or small dinosaur in one gulp! Oh
yeah, it also flies at speeds close to 70 miles per hour.
MEGATHARIUM was one of
the largest land mammals
that ever existed and lived
as recently as 10,000 years
ago in South America.  It
weighed over 8,000 pounds
and stood at a menacing
20 feet high.

Imagine looking out your
bedroom window and
seeing a giant sloth that's
larger than an elephant!
Deep in a South American jungle, a
huge 50 foot snake once stalked its
prey. After slinking closer and closer to
an unsuspecting animal, the silent 2,500
pound hunter known as TITANOBOA
would strike in a flash and snap its
victim’s neck in one swift move. Its prey
didn’t even hear the predator coming
amid the noise of the prehistoric jungle
60 million years ago. No animal had a
chance to avoid this monster that was
first discovered in 2009.
This is the largest of
all known carnivorous
With a length of 59
feet and a weight of
40,000 the semi
could devour prey on
land or in water with
its 64 razor
sharp teeth!
these large 2,000 pound beasts,
related to hippos, once roamed
the western United States!
Perhaps the closest thing
to Bigfoot,
the largest primate
species that ever lived.
These giant apes stood
close to 10 feet tall and
weighed as much as
1,300 pounds!  These
powerful predators lived
in what is now Vietnam,
China, and Indonesia
around two million to
300,000 years ago, at the
same period as early man!