Eric Pleska

  • Wrote the book Return to Buckout Road
  • Wrote the book 101 Scariest Extinct Monsters
  • Wrote the book 101 Notorious Pirates
  • Released several albums of previously recorded material
    on I-Tunes

  • Produced & Directed 52 hours of television for Pro
    Wrestling Syndicate

  • Produced & Directed 104 hours of internet television for

  • Created & Produced 10 live PWS Bombshells Wrestling
    events in addition to dvd releases and merchandise

  • Produced & Directed approximately 75 live pro wrestling
    events in NY and NJ in addition to the creation of various
    merchandise including apparel, dvd's, and an energy drink.

  • Talent liason for several television programs including Tosh.
    O, MTV True Life, Impractical Jokers, and The Nightly Show
    with Larry Wilmore.

  • Wrote the book Buckout Road

  • Consultant for the film The Curse of Buckout Road

  • Provided wardrobe items to several programs including
    ABC's The Goldbergs and Netflix's GLOW

  • Produce & Directed several dozen cable television

  • Created and co-produced two seasons of BABES Volleyball
    in addition to bluray releases and merchandise.   

  • Appeared as a guest on several podcasts and XM Radio
    programs. Interviewed for various publications including
    Myths and Mysteries of New York and Westchester

  • Declined television appearance requests on numerous
    programs including History Channel's Pawn Stars and
    AMC's Comic Book Men

  • Founded Pro Wresting Syndicate. Produced and directed
    several live wrestling events in NY, NJ, and CT. Created
    and released merchandise including apparel and dvd's.

  • Produced approximately 300 live music events in NY and
    NJ. Worked with over 1,000 musical artists ranging from
    local to national acts.  

  • Booking agent for several professional wrestlers and
    musical artists ranging from local to national acts.

  • Produced 52 hours of FM radio.

  • Released several albums as the chief songwriter of bands
    Later Never Comes and Bed Of Nailz in addition to live
    performances, and the release of merchandise.

  • Produced and directed 26 hours of local cable television in
    White Plains, NY.

  • Wrote 36 issues of the fanzine TAPOUT which included
    interviews with national musical acts, UFC fighters,
    professional wrestlers, and television actors.

  • Booked and produced several concerts

  • Released several albums while performing with numerous
    musical acts.