The brand new paperback book 101 Christmas Characters & Customs From
Around The World
takes you on a quick 135 page journey around the world
to learn all about different Christmas traditions.  Meet Italy's gift giving
witch La Befana, Germany's infamous Belsnickel, and the numerous
sidekicks of Sinterklaas including Hans Trapp, Knecht Ruprecht, Pere
Fouettard, Zwarte Piet, and the dreaded Krampus!  Plus magical gift givers
like Russia's Ded Moroz and The Snow Maiden,  Poland's Gwiazador, and
more including some not-so-nice holiday vistors like The Karakoncolos,
Badalisc, and Iceland's yule cat owner, the ogre Gryla!

Learn obscure facts about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Father
Christmas, and more. Like, did you know Mrs. Claus was first personified
by a woman at a Christmas party in 1854 by a woman at the New York State
Lunatic Asylum? Or that the first image of Santa Claus in his famous red
suit was created by the Queens, NY based beverage company White Rock
in 1915; about two decades before Coca Cola began their now famous ads!

Plus, offbeat holiday dishes from around the world, ancient festivals, and
the roots of some hilarious traditions like The Christmas Pickle.  

Available now for just $9.99