BABES Volleyball is a fresh new concept where gorgeous athletic women compete in two on two beach volleyball with revolutionized rules and a $20,000 grand prize hanging in the balance!

Filmed in HD at the beach, BABES Volleyball episodes are 30 minutes each. For just $10 you can watch all of Season One or Season Two right now!

As mentioned , this is not your ordinary beach volleyball. Yes there two on two volleyball rules do apply however there are some additional rules such as being sent to the penalty box if fouls are committed and participating in prematch competitions like hula hoop contests and limbo battles to determine which team gets the first serve. All of this and more are explained by your BABES host Caribbean Larry in the premiere episode of Season One.

A lot of these girls have very strong personalities coming from backgrounds of professional modeling, pro wrestling, musicians, and dancers. That being said the girls are often very vocal with their smack talking, afterall these girls are competing for a big money prize.

All in all , BABES Volleyball takes aspects of reality television competition mixed with aspects of professional wrestling and roller derby, thrown into a blender with the sport of beach volleyball creating a highly unique one of a kind concept! This is BABES Volleyball, enjoy!

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SEASON ONE - the debut of BABES


Maria Manic, Tai Killer Weed, Kate Lewis,
Desiree Saetia,Francesca, Missy Sampson,
Annie Social, and Brooke



Cristina Diamond, Maria Manic, Glamour,
Tai Killer Weed, Corlese, Maureen,
Andrea,Kimber Lee, Kayla, Lu Lu, and more!
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